The dominant reason baboons enter our properties is to search for food. There are a few simple strategies that can be employed to prevent baboons from finding food on our properties and thus reduce the attractiveness of our properties to them.

fruit trees

Baboons will try to pick the fruit of a fruit-bearing tree.

  • do not plant fruit trees
  • put fence around trees

vegetable patches

Vegetable gardens provide a nutritious meal for baboons.

  • do not plant vegetables
  • fence in your vegetable patch

pet food

If baboons can see and get to your pets' food, they will eat it.

  • do not leave pet food outside


Baboons have learned that garbage cans contain organic waste which is often nutritious and quite tasty. Over the years they have learned to open a wide variety of bins (even some baboon proof bins!).

  • do not leave garbage where baboons can access it
  • use baboon-proof bins, or
  • lock bins away
  • implement recycling program to reduce organic waste

wild animal feed

Many people throw out seed and other food to attract birds and small mammals to their gardens. This unfortunately also attracts baboons.

  • do not leave wild animal feed where baboons can see or access it

food on display

If baboons can see food, they will try to get a hold of it.

  • don't leave food in window sills, near open doors, or on picnic tables
  • close curtains or shutters so baboons cannot see into your house

food in home

Some baboons have learned that we keep food in our homes. They therefore enter our homes to look for this food.

  • place burglar bars on windows
  • install security gates


Compost often contains large enough food items to attract baboons.

  • place compost heaps in a cage, or
  • use a baboon-proof compost bin




Baboons require water to quench their thirst and to regulate their body temperature during the heat of the summer. They are thus attracted to water sources on our properties.

fish ponds

Fish ponds provide a readily accessible source of water for baboons.

  • do not build fish ponds
  • place a baboon-proof fence around the pond

bird baths

Bird baths are designed to attract birds, but they also attract baboons.

  • do not build bird baths
  • ensure bird bath is within a baboon-proof fence

pet water bowls

A bowl of clean water is very attractive to a thirsty baboon.

  • do not place pet water bowls outside

water reservoir

Some properties have small uncovered water reservoirs with drinking water accessible to baboons.

  • place a cover over the reservoir



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